As the Atlantic Mensa chapter of Mensa Canada, we adhere to the same mission statement.

We come from many and diverse backgrounds, and hold various opinions and ideas. We enjoy getting together and sharing conversations, jokes, games, stories, road trips, and just about anything else. We don’t always agree with each other – we’re all individuals after all – but we usually appreciate each other’s points of view nonetheless.

With a catchment area of all four Atlantic Canada provinces, the distance limits how many members participate in any given event, but we’re flexible. Any and all members (and their friends) are welcome whenever and however they drop in. With the impact of the pandemic since 2020 we’ve branched out to include regular virtual meetings, so more of us can “meet” and chat from wherever we happen to be. Come as you are and go when you must!

Our Atlantic Mensa chapter is a non-profit organization, and one of the seventeen chapters of Mensa Canada. Mensa Canada itself is one of the 100+ national groups of Mensa International. For more information about Mensa Canada or Mensa International, click the links.

Our chapter is headed by a Local Secretary (LocSec) who convenes the twice-annual meetings (budget and general members meetings). The LocSec is assisted by a Treasurer who handles the chapter’s finances, an Event Manager who organizes member outings, and they are supported by the Atlantic Message For Mensans (AMFM) Newsletter Editor.

Events include monthly dinners, coffee get-togethers, brunches, game nights, and field trips. We’ve had Christmas parties, cheesecake contests, and field trips to interesting places like Joggins Fossil Cliffs. We have hosted impromptu dinners for visiting Mensans from other countries as well as Mensa Canada’s President and other executives whenever they’re in town.

We’re a friendly bunch!